May 18, 2024

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Angry Russian Influencers Destroy Chanel Bags After Brand Restrictions


Lots of providers have announced the suspension of their operations on Russian territory as a consequence of the armed conflict in opposition to Ukraine. None have elicited these kinds of intense reactions from people as Chanel . The luxurious items firm introduced that, in addition to ceasing to work on Russian territory, it will no lengthier provide its solutions to Russian citizens who intend to bring them to their region. This with the aim of complying with the sanctions that the European Union (EU) and Switzerland have imposed on Russia.

“The most current EU and Swiss sanctions involve a ban on the ‘sale, supply, transfer or export, instantly or indirectly, of luxurious items to any pure or authorized human being, entity or overall body in Russia or for use in Russia. … We have set in put a process to ask customers whose main home we do not know to affirm that the goods they are getting will not be utilised in Russia,” the corporation stated in a push release.

The sanction applies to solutions value a lot more than €300 (about $328 pounds) — most of Chanel’s catalog — and some Russian influencers have documented restrictions on staying ready to buy the brand’s products and solutions in metropolitan areas in France and the United Arab Emirates. Joined.

The statement was plenty of to unleash the fury of some influencers who made a decision to categorical their rejection of the measure on their social media profiles utilizing the hashtag #byebyechanel .

Victoria Bonya , a Russian who lives in Monaco and whose Instagram profile has much more than 9.3 million consumers, uploaded a video clip in which she tears aside a Chanel bag with scissors just after describing: “If the Chanel residence does not regard its shoppers Why do we have to respect Chanel House?


Marina Ermoshkina , influencer and actress, joined the trigger denouncing the Russophobia of the French brand with the concept: “For us Russian ladies, Chanel performs no role in our lives. Not a single bag, not a solitary issue is worth the really like for my country… I am from Russophobia, I am towards a manufacturer that supports Russophobia.” The lady who is adopted by more than 300 thousand people reduce a bag with gardening shears.


DJ Katya Guseva told her more than 580,000 followers: “I say ‘NO’ to Chanel. They are forcing me to sign a document that humiliates me, forcing me to reject my homeland in favor of their brand.” Then he will take scissors and destroys a bag.

Despite the fact that the posts merged have a lot more than 100,000 likes, in the reviews there are essential voices that describe their reactions as a tantrum and talk to if it would not be far better to sell the baggage and donate the proceeds to a superior trigger. What do you believe?

The price of a Chanel bag can variety from $1,700 to $9,200 (and in special editions and minimal products can exceed $260,000).
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