July 14, 2024

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Are You a Vanilla Or Chocolate Lesbian?

Are You a Vanilla Or Chocolate Lesbian?

When in the Lady bars (really it should be just bar… but I am trying to remain hopefully), shopping in grocery stores, drinking coffee downtown and looking at the gorgeous women one thing comes to mind “Is she Vanilla or Chocolate?”

We all have are own individual sexual style and being with a woman is so wonderful in itself it is hard to describe or put into words the magic of lesbian love-making. There are an infinite amount of ways lesbians can have sex, and we have a variety of women to experience sex with, bisexual, woman who enjoy sex with other women (no label necessary), queer women, and lesbian transgender. Here are some reasons why lady loving is so fantastic:

The roles can be switched up, back and forth. We can be dominant and in control (ripping her clothes off against a wall) then completely submissive and gentle (soft kisses and caresses). Because of the way are bodies are shaped and created we are free to do whatever are imagination allows us. Playing, switching and trying different roles is empowering and exciting!

Of course there is the big “O” for orgasm. Women do not need to recharge or stop we can keep on going, it is like we are powered up with batteries! Non-stop sex sessions are common amongst lesbians compared to heterosexuals (one more reason why we are so special!).

Then, there is just something about watching a women get off that is unreal and incredibly sexy. It is a powerful surge of energy that can make the darkest of days find light.

A woman’s body is soft, so soft it is where we find security and warmth. There is nothing on this planet that can compare to the beauty of a naked women, artist throughout the centuries have attempted to capture it but never emulated it!

The best part is that sometimes you find a woman who is completely linked to your sexual stamina, and our able to explore and experience sex in an open and like-minded way.

However, with that said some of us opt for a more traditional, sweet, and soft approach (Vanilla), where as other girls like it hot, sexy, and hard (Chocolate). What determines our sexual energy or expressing of love? Is the way we get naked and rub up all over each other a representation of who we are?

Some people put a lot of value on who you are by how we do it, but truly, how you have sex tells a lot about how you feel about yourself. It shows your confidence, maturity level and intimacy skill. Do you like it with the lights on or off? Public or behind closed doors? Upside down or missionary? Are you just a giver, taker or both? Are you happy with how you feel as a sexual being or is it uncomfortable?

Depending on how you answer the questions will determine how you express yourself in bed and how the other lady will mirror it back. Being physical can make us feel vulnerable and exposed, that is part of the process of connecting with another human being. The healthier your own self-image and confidence the more wonderful experiences you will attract, therefore good sex starts with self (and I mean that literally too…. that is the next article!).

Once you have that down, then the rest is all about fun and expressing yourself. So what do you think you are, Vanilla or Chocolate? Personally, I have always sided towards dark bitter-sweet chocolate!

Alex Karydi~The Lesbian Guru