June 15, 2024

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Breakfast for the Health Conscious

Aussies becoming more health conscious - Inside FMCG

A scrumptious and satisfying breakfast can also be healthy and gratifying. Yeah, you get to satisfy those guilty pleasure cravings and get your greens at the same time. If you’re already health conscious, then rediscover healthy food with what we have to serve. Look no further than at our HEALTHILICIOUS menu for an array of hearty Breakfast or Brunch in Reston, Oakton or Herndon with highly nutritious ingredients. Would you like to find out more about our healthy super food breakfast options you can enjoy all day long?

Starting with our popular item, the ever so simple yet delightful avocado spread with diced onions and breakfast is a great mix of healthy fats and fiber. It is a great pick me up savory option to go for as a side, or a spread for a bagel of your choice.

We have added to our spreads menu with two new nut butter spread combos. Our cashew spread with sliced chunks of banana, with the drizzle of honey and a gentle sprinkling of cinnamon is a great alternative if you have a sweet tooth and craving something sweet but, in a dilemma, to eat healthy. Almond Butter is a regular name in the health food department and topped with diced grapes, it is a great snack on breads or bagels.

It is old news that breakfast should be eaten like a king, but the idea of what makes a hearty and healthy breakfast has definitely evolved with more of us making choices to support a healthier lifestyle. At Bobby’s Bagel Cafe, we have you covered with our gourmet breakfast dishes with carefully curated combinations and flavors.

Delight yourself with our high protein options like the lean turkey, bacon with egg white and American cheese served on a thin bagel of your choice. Try our bagel boat with grilled chicken, bacon, egg white, chives, red onions and cheddar cheese. The combination of flavorful and crunchy ingredients makes it a great savory breakfast treat, full of protein and full of taste.

Love greens? Bite into our crunchy medley of fresh greens, we call it Fifty shades of green, containing avocado, spinach, sprouts, cucumber and lettuce and mayo with our freshly baked bagel or gluten free bagel/wrap. It’s a great brunch or lunch option with the fresh detoxifying ingredients. Another option for veggie lovers is the veggie multigrain flaxseed wrap with spinach, cucumber, carrots and veggie cream cheese. It’s a great filling snack or meal option and we highly recommend it.

Except an umami storm with our chicken and avocado wrap containing grilled chicken, avocado, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and sriracha mayo served in our multigrain wrap, you’re sure to come back to this one for more.

Dig into our healthilicous treats, old and new made with the freshest ingredients and served with love, especially as the combos serve to nurture not only your taste buds, but your well-being too! We can customize these dishes to suit your preference, like vegan or gluten free.

Read our blog post on Gluten Free bagels to learn more about the goodness and benefits of gluten free bagels. You can also contact us for Corporate catering in Reston, Oakton & Herndon.