July 14, 2024

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Common Wine Fridge Sizes: Which is Best for Your Home?

Common Wine Fridge Sizes: Which is Best for Your Home?

Common Wine Fridge Sizes: Which is Best for Your Home?

Getting a wine fridge isn’t a challenge, but getting the right size is. You don’t want one that wouldn’t fit into your house. 

We’ll discuss the different wine cooler fridge sizes and the best one suitable for your home. 

Common Wine Fridge Sizes

A wine fridge is a temperature-controller appliance used to maintain the temperature of the wine bottles. These fridges come in different sizes and range from mini to extra large. 

Here is a list of them below:

Mini (Fewer Than 20 Bottles)

If you’re not looking to store so many bottles of wine, then you should consider getting a mini wine cooler size

The mini fridge can hold up to 20 bottles of wine at a time.

Small (20 to 39 Bottles): 

As the name implies, the small wine refrigerator is small, and about 39 bottles of wine can fit comfortably. 

Though small, it is bigger than the mini-fridge; it can hold 20 to 39 wine bottles. 

Medium (40 to 99 Bottles)

The medium-sized fridge is quite bigger, with a larger width to accommodate more wine bottles. Medium wine refrigerators with a capacity for less than 50 wine bottles can go under counters as built-in units. But larger capacities typically come as freestanding units or built-in units that resemble the size of a small standard refrigerator.

Large (100 to 199 Bottles)

Large wine fridges can hold about 200 pieces if you’re a wine or an avid lover of wine.

Extra Large (200+ Bottles)

The extra-large wine fridges are for those who have or have a wine cellar but don’t have a basement for it. 

These wine fridges can hold up to 200  wine bottles or more.

How to Decide Which Wine Fridge Size is Best for Your Home

Getting a wine fridge is not a challenge, but the challenge is in getting the best fridge for your home

If a wine fridge is the best for your home, then it needs to fit into your storage space. Here are a few things to check to determine the proper height, width, and depth of the best wine fridge for your home below:

1. Measure doorways and entry points

Importantly, your fridge should be able to fit into the entry points of your house. I mean, you don’t want to pull your doors because you got a fridge. 

So, measure the width and height of your doors before deciding on a fridge. 

2. Think about how much space you need to open the fridge

This is also an important factor to consider when getting a wine fridge. To get an accurate measurement, measure from the edge of the installation spot to the kitchen island or other potential obstacles to see how wide your wine fridge door should be to clear the space with ease.

Something to note

Getting the right size of wine fridge that best suits your home shouldn’t be difficult if you follow the guidelines above.