June 21, 2024

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How to choose an electric oven? 5 features worth investing

When it comes to kitchen appliances, it’s always worth thinking ahead. Even if you’re on the budget, it’s worth paying attention to these few fundamental features when picking your electric oven.


With so many options available, picking an oven may be a challenge. Before heading to the store or making your purchase online, it’s worth organizing your priorities. Once you know what exactly you’re looking for, it’s much harder to get misled with bargains and pretty design. Of course – the ovens should look good aside from being functional. But their practical features are a priority.


What should you look for? That, of course, depends on your customs and preferences. A passionate cook that loves experimenting in the kitchen will have his bar set much higher than a person who just uses the oven from time to time, mainly to reheat frozen meals. Nevertheless, here are some examples of essential features worth verifying and prioritizing.


#1 Material

Stainless steel is the safest material to choose – it’s resistant to extreme temperatures and humidity but also strong detergents. Thus, you can clean your oven regularly without worrying about the damage. Search for stainless steel ovens made with AISI 304 for the highest resistance. You can pair it with stainless steel gas hob or buy a complete stove. Stainless steel doesn’t have to be shiny – you can choose a matte or satin finish. 


#2 Variety of functions

The basic ones your oven should have include thermostatic cooking and ventilated cooking as well as defrosting. Aside from these, search for static and ventilated grilling, high tray, and low tray cooking. Convectional cooking and roasting may also be an asset. More advanced ovens may also have modes specifically for pizza and sous-vide options. Check the alpes inox kitchen equipment for the maximum variety.


#3 Precise temperature setting

This feature is particularly important when you like baking. In some ovens, the temperature regulation is very imprecise – you can set up the approximate temperature, but never the exact one. When making pastries, you may need more precision. That’s why we recommend choosing the variant with a manual setup instead of a regular knob.


#4 The thickness of the door

We recommend choosing a triple-glazed door to prevent the external parts from heating up a lot, even at extreme temperatures. It also increases safety since the triple glass is less likely to break or burst. 


The aspects above are crucial to verify when choosing the oven, regardless of your budget. Think about the most important aspects from your perspective and stick to them.