June 15, 2024

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How To Keep Her Happy?

How To Keep Her Happy?

It would not be wrong to say that boyfriends, brothers, husbands are blinded by the notion that it’s hard to keep a girl happy. Well, it may be a daunting task for the men out there, but it’s not impossible. Girls find happiness in small things, and that’s what you need to know. 

How To Keep Her Happy?

So, here we have listed the simple ways you can ensure that the sweet curve always graces her beautiful face. Take a note! 

1. Celebrate her Special Days: Shhh! It’s a secret. Women love surprises. On all of her celebratory D-days like birthdays, Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, Women’s Day, and other important days give her a surprise. Sharing some surprise ideas with you: 

  • Decorate the room with flowers, candles, and balloons for her
  • Make a midnight cake delivery in Navi Mumbai to her residence. 
  • Invite all her close friends and family members for a surprise party
  • Cook something delicious for her 
  • Plan a date night either at home or somewhere fancy. 

2. Give her Gifts: There isn’t a person on this earth who doesn’t love gifts. Girls just love to receive gifts way too much. So, if you cannot come up with anything instantly, you can always go with gifts. With online gifts delivery, it’s quite possible to get the gift even at the eleventh hour. Make sure you take her choices into consideration as well as the occasion. Some of the best gift ideas for her that are appropriate for every celebration: 

  • Personalised gifts such as coffee mugs, cushions, lamps, photo frames, wall posters, caricatures, and other decor items. 
  • Jewellery: Gold/Silver/Platinum/Fossilized/Engraved, anything would do. 
  • Travel Accessories like passport cover, toiletry bag, luggage tag, scratch map, backpack, camping kits. 
  • Beauty and Spa Kits: A basket loaded with either beauty products or spa products. 
  • Perfumes 
  • These gifts will ensure the smile on her face every time she uses these gifts. 
  • Pamper Her: The act of pampering is known to induce happy emotions and increase the flow of happy hormones. Moreover, the feeling of belongingness, care, and love makes a person feel happy inside-out. Now, here are some fail-proof ideas on how to make her feel pampered and loved. 
  • Take her out for a shopping spree.
  • Get her a makeover
  • Be her personal masseur.
  • Give her cuddles
  • Bring her chocolates 

3. Express To Her Feelings: More often than not, girls complain that their man does not express his feelings to her. So, do not be the reason for her sadness rather be the reason she smiles wide. Occasionally, do express what you feel for her. If you are shy or cannot find the right words, take help of these ideas.

  • Write Love letters or love notes.
  • Give flowers to convey your emotions.
  • Send cute and romantic texts with emojis.

4. Take Care Of Her Family: Your girl will be on cloud nine, seeing you taking care of her family. If there is a thing she wishes and wants from you, it is to keep her family happy and take care of her. Here’s how you can do it easily: 

  • Take them out on outings. 
  • Call and check them up. 
  • Offer help and assistance when needed.
  • Respect them 
  • Celebrate their special days 

5. Show Your Romantic Side: Every girl wishes to have a romantic boyfriend and husband. It’s not that hard to be romantic and keep her blushing like a baby girl. Take cues, please: 

  • Set the ambience with lights and candles and then spend a romantic night at home. 
  • Make reservations at one of the resorts in a picturesque location
  • Watch sunrise-sunset or spend the night under the blanket of stars.
  • A cosy day at home complete with pizza and champagne. 
  • Be Genuine and Nice To Her: Honesty is always appreciated. Be genuine to her in your feelings and actions. Try to be the nicest person by her side. Even during arguments, never do something that would harm her feelings. 
  • Resolve your differences peacefully
  • Always make her smile after the fight with your gestures.
  • Say sorry for your mistakes. 

These were the best seven ideas that you can implement in your daily life to keep “her” smiling and happy forever.