July 23, 2024

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Is a Paleolithic Diet Really Effective?

Is a Paleolithic Diet Really Effective?

There is a craze happening right now in the fitness world. Fitness enthusiasts are becoming enamored with something called the “Paleolithic Diet,” which requires participants to forgo all processed foods and eat as their ancestors did. This means eating meat, certain types of vegetables, nuts, berries and water.

That is it.

Though some ardent supporters swear by the it, many question the safety of the Paleo diet, and wonder if it is truly healthy. After all, our Paleolithic ancestors lived short, brutal lives that were rife with misery and trauma. The wonders of agricultural development helped forge human civilization. Famine is not anywhere near the problem it used to be in earlier times, in large part because of human ingenuity to foster better advances in agricultural science.

But the question remains. Is this diet safe? Is it healthy? Does it even work?

So far, the evidence suggests that the answers to all of those questions is yes.

The reason is that the human body has an optimal metabolic range in which it thrives. Though humans are omnivorous creatures, the human body has difficulties metabolizing processed foods. Here are a few ways the Paleo diet could help you lose weight and achieve fitness levels that you may not have dreamed of.

The Paleo Diet Cuts Out The Foods That Are Not Good For You

This Diet cuts out all of the processed food from your diet. These foods, soaked with preservatives and complex carbohydrates, make it extremely difficult for your metabolism to function properly.

The Paleo Diet Lets You Eat As Much As You Want

With the list of approved foods, a person on the Paleo diet can eat as much as they want, which means that you will likely never be hungry.

The Paleo Diet Is Perfect For Intense Exercise Programs

As long as you are eating the approved foods, you can consume as much as you need to in order to maintain any fitness program. This is why the Paleo diet is earning such rave reviews from fitness enthusiasts all over the world.

The Paleo diet does not have a rigid structure of set meal plans that are to be eaten every day. Instead, there are three lists of foods that comprise the diet. The first is foods that are encouraged, and anything on the list can be eaten in nearly limitless quantities. The second list is foods that are not banned, but not encouraged. These are foods that need to be moderated and eaten carefully. The third list is foods to avoid, and these include dairy, legumes, complex carbohydrates and many other foods.