April 14, 2024

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Is the BodyBugg a Good Investment?

It is no secret that calorie management is one of the key ingredients to weight loss success. Those that can effectively calculate the number of calories burned verse consumed have a huge advantage in achieving their weight loss goals. In the past complex formulas were used to calculate the number of calories that an individual burned in a day. These formulas were based on body type and activity level and their results were an estimation at best. 

The recent advancements in technology have changed this model and the tools available today are leaps and bounds better than any generic formula used in the past. Calorie management systems have removed the guesswork and we now have the ability to efficiently calculate the number of calories our body burns in a day. However the number of calories burned in a day is only half the equation, add a food log for tracking the number of calories consumed and you really do have the formula for weight loss success.

There are a few calorie management tools available today but the one that stands above the competition is the BodyBugg. The BodyBugg originally appeared in 2005 and since then has road the steep curve to success. Popular health clubs such as 24 Fitness and the immensely successful reality TV show The Biggest Loser have endorsed this product and with good reason.   This tool really works!

The BodyBugg system is made up of two parts, a hardware and software piece. The two puzzles pieces are dependent on one other and when fitted together they create a tool that will help anyone solve the weight loss puzzle. The hardware portion is worn on the left arm and is used to gather information from the body. The software portion is used to analyze and report on the data gathered. 

No tool is perfect, and even the BodyBugg since its creation has had room for improvement. One of the problems with the original BodyBugg was that it had a tendency to be a little uncomfortable over time.  Nothing overwhelming, but the arm strap and design were a little bulky causing some discomfort with use. The latest version of the BodyBugg, v3, has made huge improvements in the design reducing any comfort issues felt by the predecessor. The BodyBugg v3 is almost 50% smaller than the original and the new sleeker design also comes with an improved armband.

The hardware is obviously one of the key components to the system, without it you cannot gather the data, but the software piece is where the BodyBugg really shines. All the information is uploaded to a website where a variety of reports and graphs outline daily activity levels and the amount of calories burned throughout the day. Goals are setup when you first enable the system and charts and graphs help point you in the direction to achieve those goals. 

However, those looking for a weight loss gimmick will be disappointed. The BodyBugg will not melt the fat away; it is a tool and nothing more than that. It provides you with quality information that you can use to make adjustments in your life, whether that be a change in diet or exercise program. The system points out how many calories your body really is burning in a day and even outlines which parts of the day you burned the most. You still have to keep a food journal to keep track of the number calories consumed as technology is not there yet to do this for you. You also still have to exercise to remove those unwanted pounds of fat. But now with the BodyBugg you no longer have to do this in the dark. You have a tool that removes the guesswork and lets you know how many calories you really are burning in a given day. The information is in available to you, how you use that information will ultimately determine if you will be able to achieve your goals.