May 23, 2024

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Top 3 Free Online Cooking Games For Girls

You want your little girl to have some fun, learn things, in a healthy wholesome way, and since a great deal of their time these days is spent with some form of electronic media, especially the online world of the internet, finding the best ones is right at your fingertips and has never been easier.

Recent surveys show that young girls really like the cooking games, animal games, dress-up games, and according to the survey, their most favorite is cooking games. What better way for your girl to have some fun and learn about cooking and how to be a good little helper around the kitchen than with free online cooking games

Girlgames4u rates dress-up and cooking games high on their huge listing of games, including Cake Shop and Cookie Sandwich. Girlsgogames shows Cook with Sandy- Cake Recipes, and Papa’s Taco Mia among their most popular. Ecooking has a bunch of popular easy to play cooking games for various ages, including Chicken Salad, King Ranch Casserole and Flower Cake among their most popular games. All are available to play free, online, no memberships, no required downloads.

Among these sites, there are some that seem to be the most popular. Those are the cooking games, that girls favor and enjoy a great deal. There are three that stand out:

Cookie Sandwich (girlsgames4u) In Cookie Sandwich, players get to decorate a cookie sandwich any way they would like, given the wide range of different options, different cookies, different filling, and different toppings. Very simple and engaging.

Papa’s Taco Mia (girlsgogames) With a cute soundtrack and a picture slide introduction, the game starts off with easy to follow instructions, and then players follow a cool tutorial to learn the steps to take orders and prepare tacos, teaching them to read ingredients and follow instructions in steps just like in a recipe book. As the game progresses the tacos change and vary in ingredients and complexity.

King Ranch Casserole (Ecooking) With a soft musical background, this game will take your youngster step by step through an actual recipe of a tasty casserole. The instructions are easy to follow and the game is very engaging.

Each of these sites are bursting with engaging and fun games of all types. There are other sites that have some really cool concepts, too. There are the kind that come with the purchase of a huggable cute toy animal, like Webkinz. that has a lovely bunch of games including cooking games.

Webkinz’ Pizza Palace is similar to Papa’s Taco Mia. Players help Berry’s Pizza business grow, by taking customer orders then creating the pizzas and baking them in the oven. With a fun accordion tune playing in the background, players continue to take orders and advance through the time-management game, making upgrades to the equipment as the levels go up. You win Kinzcash you can use to buy things for your Webkinz pet, including ovens and mixers to make food items for your pet.

Another element of Webkinz is the television you buy for your pet, and that allows you to have three channels. One of them is a cooking channel — The Secret Chef, featuring Chef Gespacho, who creates a dish that players can also make for themselves if they go get the ingredients from the Webkinz store. The recipes vary, and some are real and some are made up.

With further exploration on the Webkinz site your young player can find many more fun and entertaining things to do that will engage, teach and delight for hours and hours. You may find them in the kitchen more often now! Enjoy!