June 25, 2024

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Top 5 Wedding Gifts With a Difference

Wedding gifts can be the hardest thing to choose. We’ve got the top 5 unique wedding gift ideas right here. Ranging from sky diving vouchers to designer teapots the only hard thing now will be picking which one to give to the happy couple!

A voucher for an experience together as newly weds

For an adventurous couple a voucher for something exciting they can do together is a perfect gift. Not only will it be a memorable occasion for them, but you can choose something they’ve always wanted to do but never have. Sky diving or scuba diving are just two of the many ideas that come to mind.

For the fun-loving but not so outdoors couple, cooking or dancing classes make a wonderful wedding present. They can have fun together and there’s no doubt it will be a memorable experience for them both.

Alternatively, a voucher for an activity to do on their honeymoon would be a lovely surprise. Depending on where they are going this could be for a spa treatment at the resort they are staying at or dinner out at a nice restaurant near where they are staying.

A voucher for a store you know they both love

Often the best idea is a voucher for them to use at a store you know they both like. If you know they need to kit out their home a voucher for a homewares store would be a perfect present.

If you know that they are wanting to landscape their backyard perhaps a voucher for a plant nursery would be more suited to them.

A timeless piece of art/decor

This can be a hard item to choose but if the couple enjoy art, a timeless painting or piece of decor can make a lovely addition to their home and something they will treasure for years to come.

A silver teapot is something they can use when they have people over and also as a decorative piece in their home. Silver teapots are timeless and silver is elegant and matches most decors.

Something classical in his and hers

A traditional set of his and hers items such as a pair of cuff links and earrings is something that is classic and will definitely be used.

A set of his and hers watches is also a good idea. If you are wanting to choose this option just make sure that you choose a pair that really reflect the couple’s style. Depending on what style you choose, these could also be engraved with a message from you to the happy couple.

Alternatively, you could purchase his and hers towels and bath robes. A cute and useful gift.


Sometimes, money is the best gift for couples starting a life together. Rather than buying them things they already have, especially if they already live together, giving them money can help them start a savings fund or even be contributed to a deposit for a house.

I hope by reading our top five unique wedding gift ideas we’ve made your shopping for the happy couple a little easier.