May 18, 2024

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Tru Chocolate Business Review – Is True Chocolate a Scam?

Tru Chocolate is a business that provides chocolate that is purportedly healthy, and also provides people an income opportunity through network marketing.  They have gained a lot of buzz by the their claim of having a health chocolate (who wouldn’t like to lose weight eating chocolate?), but the real questions is simply this:  Is Tru Chocolate the real deal, or just another scam?  Let’s have a look.

Tru Chocolate – The Good

Tru Chocolate is branch of the Tru Nutrition company, which actually is a part of Youngevity.  Their company is lead by Dr. Joel Wallach, a ND, who focuses on natural ways of healing the body from sickness and disease.

The product itself is organic, sugarless chocolate that uses a sweetener called “Xylitol”.  The list of benefits range from regulating insulin and blood sugar levels to losing weight.  There is no doubt they have a very unique pitch:  who would like to lose weight eating chocolate?

They utilize a Unilevel compensation model, which means you build three “legs” of distributorship underneath you, and then attempt to build three legs underneath them, and so on.  The sign up is relatively low – only $10, but you have to also purchase a minimum of 6 bags of chocolate (each bag has 15 pieces), and the price per bag retails at $30, with the distributor price of $21/bag.

Tru Chocolate – The Other Side Of The Coin

Tru Chocolate is a network marketing business, like like many NWM companies, they advocate the use of friends and family members to grow your organization.  Handing out free product samples, doing 3-way calls with the upline, handing out flyers and going to home meetings – these are all very common parts of warm marketing, and for the most part people don’t like to do that stuff.  Instead, you could use target marketing strategies and methods to grow a much larger organization much faster, without all the hassles of warm marketing.

Tru Chocolate is a legit opportunity, but in order to be successful, I recommend you invest the time and energy into learning how to build effective marketing systems that bring people to you who are looking for the benefits of Tru Chocolate.